You Are Only As Strong As You Are Honest

This weekend Pastor Craig Groeschel made a powerful statement.

"You are only as strong as you are honest." - @Craig Groeschel

Deep truth in there. Because lies, deception, secrets, manipulation all eat away at our innards. They weaken our minds and hearts. They distract us from the good things in life and fill our lives full of anxiety and fear. Constant thoughts fill our heads, all swirling around the things we aren't being honest about. It's a stressful, crazy thing to maintain; dishonesty.

Many times we feel that being honest will make us vulnerable or weak. But in reality it only impacts how others view you. And that only matters if you value their opinion of you over your own, or more importantly The Lord's opinion of you.

You see if you are solid in who you are, regardless of what you have done wrong (caveat: and you're trying to stop and change and overcome because you have remorse, because you don't want to live this way, and you want out of the cycles of destruction), then those peoples opinions won't matter. Sure it sucks facing the music of what you've done. I have an entire life novel of facing the music, facing the consequences of my bad life choices. And many a person would look down on me for those past choices. For my past mistakes. Or present ones for that matter.

I could (and probably should...) write an entire post on how to get to that place of not caring about others opinions. But for now just know that there is immeasurable freedom found in being honest. White lies, big lies, little secrets, big secrets, size and / or type doesn't matter. They all pay the same dividend: Weakness.

"You are only as strong as you are honest." - @Craig Groeschel

The Practice Journey

Not happy with these but I can see the practice is paying off already! Excited to keep putting more and more time in for more improvement!


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