Yelling Into The Wind

How many working class Americans have been yelling into the wind without realizing they were being silenced by corporate America?

How many working class Americans...

Have been yelling into the wind without realizing they were being silenced by corporate America? @Twitter

News broke today from Project Veritas that Twitter is censoring, hiding peoples tweets that they don't agree with. And they have programs running to do it at massive scale and in real time. It's legal, but it's alarming.

It's good that we all remember it's their company. Their platform. They are a private company and can do whatever they want. That being said they advertise as an open platform and their behavior is contrary to that as it's been uncovered. It's legal, but now the world knows that Twitter cannot be trusted.

So who's going to create the next twitter that includes open verifiable proof it's not censoring messages? That app will financially prosper. Right now, somewhere out there, that someone is alive with a dream and a passion in them, that will create Twitters replacement and change the word!

The Practice Journey

Learning to draw slowly... Just. Gotta. Practice!!

Ugh I hate practice when I am not yet "good enough" in my own mind. Not concerned with being great. But rather the journey from just starting out and learning to "not bad" or "good enough" is the hardest for me.

It's true when you are trying to learn to create something. Your own eyes and mind are your worst critic. Unless of course you're an arrogant ____. I can "see" or imagine something better in my spirit. But I just can't express it with my hand for drawing yet... Someday though!


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