Who Are The People Who Helped You The Most In Life?

Who Are The People Who Helped You The Most In Life?

Have you ever taken the time to make a list of the people who helped you in your life?

Is it a long list?
Is it a short list?
Who is on that list?

For me. It's both. There have been hundreds of people who have helped me in my life. But there are only a few who are special. They are my family regardless of whether they are blood family or not.

My best friend who healed my heart, and walked me out of the darkness

My son who has always given me purpose, reason to keep fighting

My friend and accountability who grew alongside me

Who's on your list? Do they know it? Do they know how much you appreciate them? Do they know how much they have impacted you? How's things between you and them today? Did you let it slip away? Can you get it back? Did you replace them with good people or bad people?

My Pastor gave a message a little bit back about healing relationships, overcoming dysfunction. Do not give up on family, no matter what. It hit home. Because you never give up on family. You always forgive. You always fight for them. Family is the most important. Regadless of the hurts, forgive and fight for a better tomorrow!


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