While I Am Waiting

While I Am Waiting

So as I sat down to do some more writing for this and I put a playlist on. I honestly don't remember adding John Waller's song "While I'm Waiting" into the playlist. The playlist is my drawing playlist with is mostly EDM, Electronic and Instrumental stuff.

Yet there the song rolled up into my ears.

There are no coincidences.

Yup, we're back to this again.

It's not a coincidence that the song came through. It's exactly what I needed to hear as the Lord has me waiting on Him for something. Because the waiting got hard today, and really confusing.

It's hard to follow the Lord. You can struggle with understanding whether you are following your own thoughts and perceptions. You can struggle with following his gentle lead or the things he's showing you throughout the day. Sometimes it's messages that come through other people's mouth's and you stop for a nanosecond and think to yourself "that came from the Lord..."

This is where the stories of the Israelites come in. You see they are God's favored people, and also they struggled hard with waiting on the Lord many times. Think Red Sea, think the promised land, etc.

"While I'm Waiting" is a simple song. Along with the main chorus of "While I am waiting" the lyrics also include:

  • I will worship
  • I will serve you
  • I will move ahead bold and confident
  • Taking every stop in obedience

And doing that while you are waiting... can be scary bad. Scary tough. Painful even.

I can only imagine how the Israelites felt as they wandered the wilderness for 40 years waiting to find the promised land. Can you imagine 40 years!? I can barely handle 4 days depending on the topic!

Each day they felt they were to press on, but they could not see the outcome changing. They could not see their prayers answered. They could not see the Lord working.

So I was confronted with "While I'm Waiting" will I give up? Or will I continue forward trusting God even when nothing is being answered, nothing is being shown. Even when all you have is what God told you previously to stand on. And now today it's getting hard again...

This is the struggle of faith as we walk by faith. Don't give up.



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