Where the Real Culture War is?

While the media wants us to engage in cultural war...

'left' vs 'right' the reality is the war is 'center' vs 'extremists'. Which are both 'right' and 'left'. The extremists are trying to control the masses.

America is not racist, but there are still plenty of vile, hateful racists running around

America is not sexist, but there are still plenty of abusive sexists running around

America is not violent, but there are still plenty of unstable people running around

America isn't oppressive, it's one of the most free and safe countries on the planet.

Eventually when the common citizens get tired of it, they will stand up against the self righteous, self important people who think they represent the good willed, hard working, multi cultural masses of every day citizens.

When we get tired of the aristocracy (leftists)
When we get tired of the insane hatred (alt-right)
When we get tired of the violence (leftist)
When we get tired of the social cast systems (alt-right)
When we get tired of the 'you're too stupid to understand, just shut up and think what you're told to think' (leftist)

When we've had enough the harbor (media) will once again be filled with tea (rejection of tyranny).

Sadly that train cannot be stopped now. Both extremists won't back down now. But that just means we are racing towards change, and freedom will come again.

The answer is not to take a side. The answer is to lock arms with the good, hard working people around you every day and stand strong, as proud Americans and not allow any group to form a lordship over our lives, over our thoughts, over our children, over our beliefs.

The Practice Journey

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