When Your Hope Is In The Lord, It Doesn't Hurt

When Your Hope Is In The Lord, It Doesn't Hurt

I write this as someone who struggled for a long time to even comprehend this. And now I am struggling with living this out. It's a journey to get to that place for many of us. And I am definitely one of those many.

You see when you're hope is in people or outcomes then it hurts to have hope. It literally hurts your heart. You feel heartache, stress, anxiety, fear, pain inside you when your hope is in people and outcomes. I sadly have a masters degree in doing this for well over a decade. Probably a lifetime in one form or another.

However when your hope is in the Lord you don't feel those things very much. Yes they can be there like wisps of smoke around you. But they do not grip your heart with pain and uncertainty.

I'm sure you're reading this and thinking "Ok... sure... but now what? What do I do about it? How do you change!?"

That is the question that matters most.

How do I change? How do I change my hope?

You're not gonna like the answer though...

You have to walk forward and trust the Lord. Actually trust him. Actually say to Him

"I trust you Lord."

And you have to say to yourself

"My hope is in whatever God plans to do. Not what I want to see happen."

I will warn you now, you may very well feel your heart skip a beat. You might freeze up mid sentence saying those things. You might feel an iron grip surround you trying to hold onto whatever you're currently putting your hope in. Or, you might just feel raw fear... even terror if you try to say these things.

However if you do start saying those things to yourself, and to the Lord himself, I will tell you that things will get better. Your pain and feel will start to subside over time. But you have to pass the camel of your fear through the eye of the needle to get to the place of healing and peace.

It's worth it though, 100%


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