When You Slide Obediently Into God's Lane For Your Life

When You Slide Obediently Into God's Lane For Your Life

I am in a strange season of life right now. And God is making it a remarkable season!

As I have quieted my life and focused on solely listening to the Lord on what to do with this and that over the last couple of months I find myself in a near giddy place today. Not because the things that stress me are changed or stopped for that matter. On the contrary they are still very much stressful. However what has been happening is that I have followed God's leading on many many decisions in the last couple of months. And now lots of things are falling into their correct places.

It's such a strange sensation when one by one things fall into place. And you know beyond knowing that this and that are where God wanted them, not myself. It's an absolutely amazing giddy place. You see I didn't have to fight tooth and nail. I didn't have to figure it out on my own. I didn't have to exert my will in huge painful amounts to achieve this place of giddy peace. I just listened, and when He lead I followed. There's a saying in The Word about this.

Let tomorrow take care of itself.

You see I started to really live that out. I stopped trying to control my life. I stopped trying to control the outcomes. I didn't whine, moan and stamp my feet until l got my way. I just breathed. I just slowed myself. I just listened. I just followed.

Now don't get me wrong. It was not easy by any means. It was hard, it in and of itself was stressful and confusing at times. But I knew I was following His lead. I trusted Him even when I _______, pissed and moaned about it.

It truly is a strange feeling when you know, know, know that you are standing in the exactly correct place God wants you in. When you are living in exactly the right place for this season of life. When you have exactly the right, not wrong, people around you to support you. When you are making the decisions He has guided you to, not the ones you wanted for yourself. When you are doing right by your family according to God's will.

It's truly a giddy experience. Filled with hope and joy like I have not ever felt before. God is showing off with his leadership and guidance for sure. And to Him goes all the Glory. I have not achieved any of this. In fact I would have chosen many opposite decisions honestly! But instead I submitted and trusted him.

Try it sometime. Stop doing what you think you should do. Stop doing what you want to do. Stop chasing things.

Stop and follow what the Lord directs you to no matter what it is.

You can trust Him. Believe me. It will bring you to the most amazing places!


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