What is Dysfunction?

What is Dysfunction?

Raise your hand if you've had dysfunction in your life. As you can see from the image above, I am raising my hand! haha

Which is where the present comes in... Currently I am on a journey to understand my own dysfunction. And today the Lord revealed one of my biggest dysfunctions. Now for the sake of privacy I won't get into the specifics. But I think I can navigate this without the specifics.

What is dysfunction?

Well one of the textbook definitions would be:

Failure to achieve or sustain a behavioral norm or expected condition, as in a social relationship.

And well, it's many thing honestly. But for me it manifest in numerous forms of denial. Denial that I was this way or that way with my mindset, or my actions. Denial that I felt this or that. It's a pretty diverse ailment honestly, dysfunction.

Many times the word dysfunction is used in romantic relationships. However it also plays out equally within family and social relationships as well. Sometimes it comes out in toxic behaviors, codependency, addiction, abuse, lake of boundaries, passivity, sex, running away, hypocrisy, being two faced, or sometimes just being a generally nasty person.

For me today it was revealed that my dysfunction had kept me from my own truth. I could not see my own self through my dysfunction. I only saw what I wanted to see. And disregarded everything else. Even though if I had just stopped and actually thought for a moment I would have realized the truth.

Can you relate?

Have you ever wanted something, only to realize you don't actually like it?
Have you ever bought something, and then abandoned it two days later?
Have you ever denied liking something, only to realize it was your most prized thing?

Of course there is the standard sitcom scenarios where the girl refuses to tell the guy how she really feels, only to have to watch him run off with some other chick. Her dysfunction prevented her from being assertive, prevented her from speaking up about her emotions. That left her losing what she truly wanted. Or other scenarios where the guy is selfish and hurt, and instead of forgiving the girl he loves he gets spiteful. Which of course only pushes her away into the arms of someone else. His dysfunction made him lose out on the chance to have the very thing he wanted most.

Dysfunction is the mistakes we make that cause our relationships to break down, fall apart, and we lose the very things we truly love and want.

Now you might be wanting to ask:

How do I break my dysfunction?

Well, there really is only one fast way to break it. Get some professional help. Seriously. Get some counsel. And surround yourself with people that genuinely truly love and care about you, who will protect you and care for you. People that know your dysfunction and won't discard you for it, but instead they will help you through the darkness.


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