What Do I Care More About?

What Do I Care More About?

Recently the Verse of the Day was:

Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails.

It struck a cord with me when I read it. I found myself asking myself a question.

Do I care more about this person? or legalistic righteousness?

As always I will add the note here for any of the fruitcakes out there reading this. I am not saying that sin is not sin. Get over your easily offended butthurt please.

Anyways for you reasonably emotionally stable people, lol.

You see I have spent over a decade walking the hard road of "do the right thing, no matter what.". And well it's been... good I guess. Sure I have avoided consequences. Which is amazing. But I have also avoided the beauty of life, love and happiness in the process of dodging consequences.

I have to wonder if too many TV shows, too many fantasy novels, too many dramatic movies had a toll on me... had an invisible impact on me. Because I chased the text book fairytale life story for far too long. I chased the perfect outcome to my life. Which isn't even realistic.

Course this brings me to the conflict.

Doing the right thing avoids consequences... but also avoids being human, living, loving, being alive sometimes.

Doing the wrong thing brings painful consequences... but also brings growth and change. But those are only realized if you admit you made mistakes, walk away from them and make new choices. Else those consequences become pain, misery, further loss and fear.

So we are all kinda screwed. We are damned if we do, and damned if we don't.

Except we're not!

You see the space between those two is where true life, joy, and happiness are found. It's the place where we do try to do the right thing, but accept that we won't always do it. And it's also the place where we don't wallow in the consequences of our mistakes. Instead of becoming that cold lifeless shell of a human broken by mistakes we stand up and accept the Lord's help cleaning up the mess and turning on our heels.

I will no longer settle for a life devoid of love just because I don't want to make a mistake. And I will no longer settle for a miserable life living out the consequences of my mistakes.


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