Ever stopped and thought about the downward slide?

We all mess up, we all make mistakes... we all end up doing the things we swore we would never do.

Sometimes we even take the time to say to ourselves "how did I get here?". Or "Why did I let myself get this far?". And often enough there is a clear point where we crossed the line and that was when everything went south for us.

As I continued to unpack my own life decisions and stupidity that left me in ruins I came to a realization. We are all only three bad decisions away from doing what we swore we would never do. We are all only three bad decisions away from becoming the person we swore we would never become.

I took that hard look at my own life and saw the decisions that lead up to the decision that was the mile marker of my fall. I fully admit it's not always exactly three. That's not the point here. Though I have found in an odd twist it really is often times three decisions. The first one leads into another, which then leads into the decision that actually carries the consequences of our choices...

Just something to think about... because if you stop and realize it's a series of decisions. Three decisions. You can often stop yourself on decision no. 1 or sometimes on decision no. 2. And avoid the fallout consequences of decision no. 3...

I still make my 3 bad decisions here and there. But I can say I have avoided a few major disasters by realizing this. And that's worth the effort right there!

The Practice Journey

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