We Have to Stop Losing the Conversations

We Have to Stop Losing the Conversations

So video out today from Senator confronting infamous Dr. Fauci about masks and reinfection. Everyone is talking about masks and arguing who won the arguments and talks in the hearing. But that's not what I want to focus on. We need to focus on:

How to stop losing the conversations

If you notice Fauci shifted the conversations to "variance". And while the Senator did a good job of not getting deflected from his talking point. He completely missed an opportunity to stop the mind games Fauci was pulling.

Fauci used "Variance" as his excuse for continuing to push masks. But what people didn't catch is that he used an example of variance from a different virus.

By using a different virus as his reasoning, he also points out that there is no scientific evidence of covid "variance" to stand on for his argument. If there was scientific evidence of covid variance he would have said it immediately!

If the Senator had just pivoted and said "so what you're saying is there is also no evidence of covid variance to justify your comments on masks. Then you have proven there is literally no scientific evidence for any reason to support wearing masks. Since your own reasons right here and now have proven there is no scientific evidence of reinfection, nor is there any scientific evidence of variance.". That's all he had to do

So you admit there is no scientific evidence of reinfection, and there is no scientific evidence of variance.

Fauci actually admitted he's pushing policies not science in the hearing. But no one caught it and no one confronted him on it in time. We all need to get better!


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