Wanting to Want

Ever wanted to do something… but can't seem to do it?

  • Maybe end an addiction! Or maybe try something new!
  • Maybe lose some weight! Or maybe get in better shape!
  • Maybe learn a skill! Or maybe change jobs!
  • Maybe save money! Or maybe get out of debt!

Whatever it is you just can't seem to DO it? You want to do it don't you? But you wake up every morning once again not having done it. How can you want it so bad, you think about it daily even maybe, but you lose another day… every day?

The problem isn't that you don't want to… it's that you don't want to want it. Sounds silly, right? Hear me out… It's something I learned when I quit smoking after 18 years. Sometimes we want something in our heads, but our heart has a different opinion. So we end up fighting on the wrong battlefield, and thus always losing.

If you aren't getting traction, if you aren't winning then take a step back. Step back and consider that you don't have the motivation to actually win, you don't want to want it. Which is fine, it's unfortunate sure, but let's keep moving forward shall we? This is where we're at, doesn't matter how we got here. Doesn't matter how long we've been here. It's just time to look down at our feet, then raise our chin up higher and higher until we look success in the face boldly, proudly, strongly, fearfully. Because then we can grab hold of it and accomplish it.

But how do you get to that place where you have the strength to raise your chin you might ask?

Focusing on wanting to want it. Not on wanting it. For me to quit smoking I had to pray for a solid year to want to want to quit smoking. And one day I woke up with this gut wrenching feeling inside me. I WANTED to quit. Like a wolf clawing out from within me, I wanted it. Like a fire in my belly fueling me forward, I wanted it. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired of wanting it, I now WANTED it now.

It still took me another whole year to quit smoking. But when I did quit, I quit. I haven't gone back since because I didn't just quit the addiction and the behavior. I quit wanting to smoke entirely. Sure the addiction still tries to take back the beach. But it's not me wanting to smoke, it's just that old "demon" of familiarity trying to get a foothold in my heart and body again.

So try it. Pray to want to want whatever it is that you need to stop, need to change, need to be free of, or need to accomplish. I assure you, God will answer and He will answer in the most mind blowing way!

The Practice Journey

So I am practicing. It's a lot like pushing a boulder up hill but at the same time now.

I am pushing up hill in that I don't want to practice. But it's not work at the same time because I am passionate and I want to be doing this! It's a mess, even for us males sometimes!


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