Two things Can Be True At The Same Time

Two things Can Be True At The Same Time

With many things in life 2 things can be true at the same time. For example:

  • Chocolate Milk can taste delicious to you, and give you horrible stomach problems as well.
  • Politicians can do good things, and also be horrors of human beings that lie, cheat, steal and murder.
  • God can be love, and also have created the things that are now evil.
  • We have free will, and God already knows what choices you will make.

Another big example would be:

  1. You should not go, because God can do things differently.
  2. You have to go because you won't change if you don't.

You see both of those can be true at the same time. You shouldn't go do _____ and also you have to go do _____.

I can speak from experience. I didn't have to wait 14 years, but at the same time I did have to wait 14 years.

I didn't have to wait 14 years.

Because God is God and He can do anything, anytime, anywhere. He was perfectly capable of helping me get through my problems in a day if He wanted. Rather than 14 years. But then if he had... would I be the same person I am today? Would I have learned all the lessons I learned along the way of the 14 years? Would I have ended up in Nashville? Would I have the same best friend I have now? Probably not... those were all the "butterfly effect" of my choices. They all happened because of my wait.

I had to wait 14 years.

Because that was the only way I was going to change. I wish that wasn't the case. But it is. And today as I am out of that period of waiting I am thankful for the wait, despite it being 14 years. My life is soo much better today than it ever would have been had I not waited.

So you see, two things can be true at the same time. God can do whatever he wants and change something instantly whenever he wants. But it's also true that sometimes we had to go through the pain of waiting, the pain of mistakes, the pain of losing everything we care about... in order for us to finally grow up, change, and become healthy.


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