There Really Really Aren't Coincidences

There Really Really Aren't Coincidences

2021-07-28 : There Really Really Really Aren't Coincidences
I was reminded that

There are no coincidences.

Which is a little odd considering I have already believed for years that there are no coincidences. Yet here I am. Getting a new and fresh lesson on just how true that really is.

Everything that is happening has a purpose. Though we might not like the purpose, it still has one. Good and bad have a purpose and do not happen "just because" or "happenstance" or "by luck". Every conversation, every event, every temperature, every drop of rain is planned by God.

There are no coincidences.

Honestly you cannot really have faith in God and also believe in "coincidences". They are pretty much antithesis' of each other.

1- The Lord is either all knowing, all powerful and large and in charge of everything in the universe and beyond.
2- There is no God and everything in the universe is just random, happenstance.

Now you really do need to pick which camp you are in. Are you in #1 or #2. Can't really be in both without contradicting your own brain.

If you're in No. 2, well that's fine. Good luck to ya!

But if you're a Christian hanging with the big J then you're probably a work in progress of No. 1 like me. Which means the real question starts to settle in... What do I do about it?

The lesson I have been learning of late is to not be ashamed of there not being coincidences. To not be afraid to hide that fact when I am talking to other people. To openly say

There are no coincidences


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