There is a Season for Simple, There is a Season for Complicated

One of the lessons I have been learning...

Over the last couple of years is that there is a season for everything. Years ago I just thought on a shallow level about God's words on this. Like "Well yeah, that makes sense. Moving on...". But in reality this is a rabbit whole of wisdom that seems truly bottomless.

As a male I see something and I want to fix it and move on to the next thing. Yet this is not always (could argue rarely actually) how The Lord handles things. Sometimes He is slow to act, other times fast. Sometimes He showers a person with unbelievable mercy, other times the harsh cruelness of the world is allowed to bite and bite deeply. It was here that I started to learn.

There is a season for simple, there is a season for complicated.

Sometimes things are simple... sometimes things can be simplified. Sometimes things can be seen as black and white. But there are also seasons for recognizing that life is very much complicated and messy. Neither are wrong. Neither is always the right choice. "Why not!?" You might ask.

Because of time. Time changes the equation. For instance. What is the right thing to do? "well duh it's (          )". But then the question comes up. "Ok, but when should I (          )?". This is where it gets complicated and messy sometimes. Because not every situation has a right thing that should be done "right now". The story of Joseph has a bit of that in it. But the story of Esther really shines here. She was supposed to speak to the King, but didn't immediately as Mordecai pressured her to. For whatever her reasons. Be it fear, waiting on the Lord, whatever. She didn't speak to the King immediately, and instead did so after fasting. And it all worked out exactly according to the Will of the Lord. Which means it all worked out perfectly.

For me personally when I hit my knees everything became so clear. Black and white. Right and wrong. Good and evil. Those are simple things. And those are indeed true things. Yet as the years of time weather my mind and soul I learn there is a season for everything. I wish it was all so simple, so black and white. But life between humans is rarely so simple. Love is simple, yet we all know just as well that love is far from simple. It's messy and it's complicated. More and more I realize this truth applies to many... if not all situations. So to be clear, I don't "understand" this fully, not by a long shot. But I am on the journey to understanding it a little more every year. And the greatest thing that I learned, funnily enough while writing this post is that:

There is a season for simple, there is a season for complicated.

And the only right answer for both seasons is Grace.

The Practice Journey

Slowly working on practice. Hoping to get an actual comic out soon. But life is complicated, heh. And it all happens at His timing, not mine. And thankfully so since my timing has a long track record of being really bad.


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