The Struggle to Decide, is the Problem

If you hang around twitter you will run into Jenna Jameson.

She's very active, very conservative, and very much able to defend herself. She is a very successful woman. Regardless of your opinion about her former profession as a porn star. She's successful, she's powerful on twitter, and she knows what she's doing.

So as a Christian / conservative who agrees with the vast majority of what she says I found myself at an interesting nexus of having to make a decision. Should I as a devoted Christian follow a former porn star who is a staunch conservative? On the one side it's extremely complicated. Socio-Economic-Religious appearances, blah blah blah. But on the other side it turns into an extremely simple decision.

It was here that I realized the decision wasn't the problem. It was the struggle to decide that was the problem. If you read her twitter for more than 5 minutes you will see those traditional Christians saying horrific things to her for being a porn star, alongside the Leftists Liberals saying horrific things to her... for being a porn star. I could write an entire paper on the irony of that! But moving on...

Why do traditional Christians attack her? Because they focus on the splinter in her eye (her old porn job). They only accept people who pretend to be perfect and pure, like they themselves pretend to be. Now of course you could easily attack me for saying that. "You're judging! Blah blah blah". But the only one who is perfect is Christ. So the traditional Christians cannot be perfect, which means pretending to be perfect is lying... Funny how that reality thing works...

But that was the source of my struggle to decide. This pretense, this expectation of perfect appearance, this ideal that you cannot do or have done anything wrong according to Christ to be accepted, followed, approved of or allied with. Sadly it wasn't even my ideal, it was just one that permeates the traditional Christian circles, media, everything.

Anyways it's time for change. Jenna Jameson is an ally to conservatives on the vast majority of issues. I don't have to agree with her position on porn to welcome her as friend and ally in the politics of America. I can stand beside her confidently and proudly as a conservative fighting for freedom, liberty, equality, life, and everything else. We don't have to line up 100% on every issue, every day. Just the issues we are fighting for at the time and place.

So you guessed it, I follow Jenna Jameson. Because she's a conservative warrior and an ally. You can follow her to, or you can attack her for her former profession. But a word of caution for those professing to be a Christian. If you attack her with horrible language, disgusting names, and judge her for her former profession. You would be the monster, not her. You would be the Pharisee throwing stones, Jesus would be the one with love, grace, and mercy reaching out His hand to her.

The Practice Journey

Fun fact... motivation doesn't start itself. Motivation isn't the source either. Motivation is the product of passion. Focusing on my passion to draw is helping me infinitely more than trying to get motivated for the sake of motivation!

I am not where I want to be, but I am moving past the place I don't want to be slowly!


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