The Power Of Admitting The Truth To Yourself And God

The Power Of Admitting The Truth To Yourself And God

In this current season I am in The Lord has grounded me, leveled me, taught me, stretched me. And one of the ways He has done that is by helping me admit the truth to myself and to Him.

You see we all have aspects of denial within us.

We deny something or someone hurt us.
We deny how we feel about things or people.
We deny how important things are to us.
We deny how important concepts or ideas are to us.

My journey has been numerous and the Lord has floored me many a time. And I mean that literally. Drop to my knees crying, sobing, finally finding the freedom to admit the long held truth in my heart that I dared not, or dysfunctionally could not admit all this time.

Things like how I held things like marriage to be more important than God and love.
Things like how I held things to be evil, like divorce, that were not in fact evil.
Things like how I really felt about someone, I was lying to myself for a decade.
Things like how I feel about things, people, life today.
Things like who I am truly.

We all have aspects of this in our lives.

So that brings up two things:

What's the value in admitting the truth to yourself and to God?

I can tell you this in a short and simple way. Freedom is the value. I don't care what you think and feel today. The freedom found after you finally allow yourself to admit the truth to yourself and to God is absolutely mind blowing and absolutely life changing. It's like suffocating and then finally getting air. It's like getting out of an abusive relationship and finding genuine love. It's like upgrading your diet from moldy chicken wings to seven course steak dinners every single night.

There aren't words honestly. You just have to experience it.

How do you do it?

Well now here is the hard part. Some would say this, that, or something else. I would say listen to your heart. As a professional of the skill of not being able to listen to his heart I can attest that this is not easy in the slightest. Often times our heart has been quieted so much, volume turned down so much that it's near impossible to hear it. That is where you should pay attention to your less conscious choices. I know my choices of the last many years have been contrary to how I actually felt. I did one thing while I said I felt another. It's taken me a long time to finally admit the truth about it. That my actions and my words were disjointed, he__ they were completely opposite in some cases.

So check out what you gravitate towards, regardless of what your decisions are. Check out where you feel led, rather than where you're going. Check out what you talk about, when you're not thinking about it rather than what you always want to talk about. Once you stop and listen to those ques you might start to realize more about yourself. And from there you can start the process of admitting the truth, and finding freedom from bondage.


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