Take A Chance Loving People, Even At The Risk Of Yourself

Take A Chance Loving People, Even At The Risk Of Yourself

Coming out of the message my pastor gave recently that was titled "You're Not as Right as You Think" I had some realizations to some of his profound statements. One of his statements was this:

Take a chance loving people, even at the risk of yourself

Now of course this is not a push to love toxic people, abusive people, or deceptive unfaithful people. Doing that is destroying yourself and your family.

Moving past the caveat it's thought provoking. Am I loving people at the risk of myself? Am I loving someone to the point that I put them above myself? Am I loving them despite the pain I might be in? Am I loving them unconditionally even though I have "common sense" reasons to walk away?

As someone who loves deeply, who doesn't give up on people no matter what. I can say that I do try and often succeed at doing those. Certainly loving people past the point of my own pain and continuing to fight for them. Cause well... in some cases "common sense" reasons can go F themselves. I choose to listen to God above "common sense" because God is a fantastical God. He is not bound by "common sense" himself.

God takes a chance on loving us, when we are unlovable. I will do the same!

I will not wait for the situation to be perfect to love someone. Because it won't ever be perfect. It will always be messy, complicated, painful, scary, confusing! That's life. That's just normal life on planet Earth amongst other humans.

Life is complicated. It's also too short. Don't waste time not loving people. Don't waste time not being genuinely loved.


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