Stop Avoiding Using the Words!

So you see it's a persuasion tactic. They use these words baselessly because they know they can manipulate decent people by throwing them around.

Stop Avoiding Using the Words!

Why do conservatives, and basically everyone in the country keep losing arguments and freedoms to the bully tactics of the radicals (aka Democrats)? It's because the Democrats are using a technique of persuasion that apparently very few people know how to combat in the marketplace.

You see they choose highly emotional words like "racist", and "white supremist", and "hate" and such. Knowing that these terms:

1. Are powerfully subconsciously memorable.
2. Invoke a strong reaction from any decent person (ie anyone not Democrat, the people they are trying to manipulate)
3. Are words that decent people will shy away from in any conversation method.

So you see it's a persuasion tactic. They use these words baselessly because they know they can manipulate decent people by throwing them around.

It's the #3 reason that I am focusing on these days. You see if someone calls a decent person a racist, they shy back. No one in their right mind in America wants to be called a racist or any of the other disgusting terms the Democrats love so much.

But in those words are exactly what needs to be said back!

One of the main reasons people are losing these conversations is because people will try to be nice, or just deny that they are (          ). They will try very hard to explain how they are not (          ) term.

But it doesn't matter because the argument is less about you and more about the crowd listening to the argument... You see if you just try to be rational with a person calling you a racist it won't matter if you prove you're right and they are wrong. The audience will still only remember that you were called a racist and there was an argument. They won't remember that you rationallty won in the end. Which means they will only remember that you were called a racist... which will begin convincing them that you are one!

The only way to get out of that situation is to stand your ground and speak similarly back at them. Which includes using those same words coming out of your mouth back to them. This will mentally cause the audience to have to engage their brains and make decisions based on thinking, not based on subconscious human reactions and information processing.

For example:

Democrat: "You're a racist!"
Reply back "How am I a racist? You're the one who sounds like a racist right now. Hating me just because of my skin color!"

You see at this point anyone listening to this conversation will see two people calling each other a racist. Now that subconscious mind has conflicting information.  Is one lying? Is  the other lying? Are the both lying? Are they both telling the truth?! Now their brain has to listen, and make decision of their own accord based on their own perceptions and filters.

This is how you stop the gaslighting of America

We all need to stand up and stop being afraid to us the language of the enemy. In fact we need to be using that language else we automatically lose all the battles!


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