Sometimes We Get Stuck on the Details

Something I am starting to realize that I do.

All too often. Well... perhaps almost all the time. Ugh. I get so wrapped up in the details, in the small things that I completely lose track of the progress, the place I am in or worse what forces are working against me.

It's so easy to get lost in the day to day events. The little things going on with friends and family that days or weeks go by and you just barely blinked an eye. So many hours of my life are disappearing because I am too focused on the details. Too focused on what is or isn't happening in my life that it becomes a blur and time, the most precious element, is the thing that I've lost the most of.

Don't get me wrong, the details are important. And I am definitely a detail person! But as I learn to draw more an more, learn to find my style, I am learning something. The details are not the important thing. The message is the important thing. The purpose is the important thing. The experience is the important thing. The Journey is the important thing. The people are the important thing. The movement is the important thing.

As you see from this drawing there aren't a lot of details. Yet you should be able to understand what the image is of. Less lines, less shading, less detail. Yet the message is still fairly clear. The idea is present without the details.

Now don't get me wrong. I love a detailed piece of art! But that's not the only kind of art. And as I slow myself down in my drawing, in my handwriting, in my typing and in my talking I am learning a valuable lesson.

The message and the journey are so much more important than the details.

The Practice Journey

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