Social bullies with megaphones?

The tiny population of adult bullies of the world are trying to pressure the rest of us into silence. They hate our faith, our ideas, our freedom, our rights and want us to surrender them.

It's not even about politics. It's not even about power and control. At the end of the day it's about the world hating Jesus and His Father.

The hard part is when we feel we cannot talk about what we actually believe when we are at work in corporate America or in mixed company. But that feeling, that fear to speak who you truly are. And really, to speak the truth of The Lord. Is what it's all about.

Now don't get me wrong. There is a time and a place for all things. There is a season of silence and there is a season for speaking. If you find yourself afraid to speak about The Lord while in either of those seasons, then you might value your worldly life more than your Lord. And that isn't healthy.

No one wants to lose their job. No one wants to freak out and worry about providing for their family. But here's the thing. Are you providing or is The Lord providing? Is this life your own or is it a gift from He who is on high?

No one wants to lose friends and social circles. Though again what does it say about your friendships if not only do they not have the same basic values and beliefs, but they are also bullying you into silence? Is that healthy? Is that even a friendship?

Things to consider. There is no right answer here. Just something to think and pray about :-)

The Practice Journey

Continuing to practice! I still suck but I am learning that through lots of drafting over the top of each other it turns out less sucky!