Should You Really Expect Things to Change?

I did it to myself...

One realization I've had is that I spent many years of my life expecting life to change, even though I was doing absolutely nothing to change it.

So here's a question. Are you 1000% happy with your life? Seriously. Are you totally happy and content with your life right now? Is it perfect and you don't want the future to be any different or any better than today?

If you answered no to that question then you should ask yourself this question. "What am I doing about that? Because if I'm not doing anything, then nothing can change. If I don't change, my life can't change. My decisions determine my life after all!"

Realizing that the only way to change your own life is too grow, learn, and expand is what allows us to not continue to have the same life we have today years later. If you remain the same person, your life will remain the same!

So how do you do it? How do I stop being the same person? How do I stop the train that is my current status quo life, get off and get on to a new train so that my life can not be the same a year or 5 years from now as it is now?

If you aren't meeting new people, studying something new, reading new books or being taught something... Then you're remaining the same. Which means you're holding yourself back. You are preventing your dreams from coming true.

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