There are seasons for everything.

Every year I understand this more deeply.

Seasons for love and seasons for happiness.
Seasons for pain and seasons for sorrow.
Seasons of calm and seasons of activity.
Seasons of relaxation and seasons of growth.


As a young man I felt like I understood growth. Yet each season of growth in my later years has not necessarily been like the previous ones. I have certainly had seasons of growth that were active and powerful. Buzzing with activity, emotions and change. But more recently I have had a season of growth that was quiet, slow and relaxed. Much like a snail moving across a sidewalk. Nothing spectacular, nothing electrifying. Just slow gradual progress.

And while I am a huge fan of the fast and profound growth seasons. I have come to appreciate the gentleness of the slower ones. I absolutely want it to speed up every day. Pleading with The Lord to get to it and get me through it quickly so I can tackle something else next. But The Lord is wise enough to take me through this part of my journey at a slower pace. I don't pretend to know the reasons, I just understand that The Lord is so much wiser than I can ever be. I can only trust him and His pacing for my growth.

In the quiet of this season, these many months since writing or drawing anything. I have grown, not by leaps and bounds. But rather in deep but small ways that will forever change my life's trajectory. And for that I am thankful, even if I am not a fan of the pace yet.