Righteousness vs. Judgment

Righteousness vs. Judgment

Something my pastor said in a message:

Jesus was the most right person in history, but the least judgmental

It took me a moment to unpack that honestly. It's a simple statement. But yet... it's really really profound when you stop and think about it compared to the news media today.

So many news stations are judging people. So many media channels are filled, overflowing, with hate and judgment. And the sickest part about it is they claim to be on the side of "right" and "good". Meanwhile they profit and lust for judging others for being different.

Yet Jesus, the only person to truly be without mistake, was the least judgmental of all as He walked amongst us across the dirt. Tax collectors, liars, adulterers were all welcome to him. He shared himself, his time, his thoughts and words with them without a second thought.

Time to recalibrate my language and my heart for sure...


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