Yup, I'm human! Some lessons have to be relearned.

So this weekend I am relearning a lesson I already "learned". It's sad but then again it's not really sad. It's normal, normal human life on planet Earth. The lesson you ask? Organization systems.

You see I had found the perfect system for me. Now it was not the perfect organization system, but rather the best one for me personally. After toiling through so many choices I realized back 8 months ago what would work for me and my brain... And then this last week I reverted back to trying to squeeze my square peg brain into a round hole organization system. Let's just say I didn't get things done...

I lost sight of all the things I had learned and resumed the struggle of "what is best" versus "what works best for me". So back down that learning road I had to go because once again I was spending so much time worrying about what is best or ideal that I often got lost and made the wrong decisions. Wrong decisions that cost me time, productivity, and opportunities.

I am thankful that The Lord is full of grace for my stubbornness, mistakes, and thick skull. He's patient to help me learn lessons, and even relearn the same lesson over and over again. Because clearly I need refresher courses! No matter how well you patch up the holes in the ship of life, you will have to revisit some of those patches and patch them again. And there is nothing wrong with that! It's just normal human life. No one's perfect after all.

So yeah I am back to the system that works best for my brain. And low and behold, guess what? I was getting stuff done again!

Now all that sounds good, but how did I do it you might ask? Well that comes in two parts honestly.

One. Stopping what I was doing. It's honestly the hardest part, though when you read step two you might disagree, but hear me out. The hardest part is stopping yourself when you're heading back down a road you already learned from. Because not only are you trying to revitalize an old brain path that you mowed over to make a new path. But also you have to have that presence of mind and self awareness to realize

"crap I remember this scenery! I am headed back down an old road!".

Two. Take the hit to your pride. Yup, toss your pride out the car window. Toss it in the garbage can. Bury it in the backyard. Do whatever you have to do, but take the hit. Because in order to relearn a lesson you have to admit you backslid. And that means an ouchie moment with your pride...

So stop, take the hit, and get back up again and revisit that old lesson learned. It sucks for sure. But consider this. What's the alternative? Go back down the roads that... didn't work out and you know they don't work out? Nah that's silly, who would do that? We humans would sadly, and do all too often. Because the hit to our pride feels worse, right now, than the comfort of an old failed road well traveled.

The Practice Journey

Yes, I am back practicing my drawing. Getting my focus back slowly! It's amazing that working out physically is helping me focus and get motivated with drawing as well!