Recapturing Your Personality

Recapturing Your Personality

Here's a tough question

Is it possible you forgot who you are?

Strange question you might think. But here me out using a story from my own life.

Recently as I became free of a very long milestone around my neck my mind and spirit became unlocked. Doors in my head and heart started opening that had been closed for decades.

Over the last few weeks I've been remembering who I was, before I fell into the darkness as a child. I used to be silly, comedic, weird in fun ways. But that got squashed, caged, and imprisoned in my own mind since childhood.

Well that cage door got opened and it's slowly inching itself out to freedom now. I am remembering how much fun it is to be silly, not serious. I am remembering how much fun it is to make people laugh. And most of all I feel no obligation to be serious all the time. I don't know where that obligation even came from! But it's almost entirely gone now!

All these years I had forgotten who I was. A tragic thing for sure. But also shows the sheer power of our environment, our family, our friends. How those things can literally change who we express ourselves to be, even who we think we are!

Think back to the years gone past.
Were you more outgoing? More comedic?
What about energetic? Athletic maybe?
Did you laugh a lot more?
Did you take more risks (hopefully not toxic ones!!)?
Did you make more of an effort to socialize and meet new people?
Were you more giving and generous?
Did you have less anxiety?

Find those doors in your mind and open them back up! Reintegrate those things back into your life. They aren't gone, just trapped behind a door waiting to be set free!


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