Odd realization today.

The Lord says that if you have faith, you can tell a mountain to pick up and move and it will. Of course we all struggle with that. Because, well, obvious reasons! The mountains aren't moving when I yell at them! Are they moving for you?

Then of course we all can easily spiral into the:

"Well I guess that means I don't have enough faith... and if I don't have enough faith then what does that mean about my relationship with The Lord?!"

And all that is good and normal, it's human life on this side of the grass. Please don't get bogged down in all that thinking. Looking at the sand at your feet gets you nowhere. Chin up and look at the Son! But here's a question I ran into:

"What if it is easy to tell a mountain to pick up and move... because that's infinitely easier than overcoming your own personal struggles!"

   Have you ever worked through some deep rooted struggles of your own soul? It's rough, it's gruesome, it's painful, and many times it feels unending or impossible. Yet if you continue forward with The Lord He will see you through to the end of the battles.

   That is honestly more daunting a task then telling a mountain to pick up and move. I think most people who are being honest with the people around them would agree that moving the mountains in our souls takes more work than those pesky hillsides outside the windows...

Oddly enough that actually leads to a new question:

"If changing myself is harder than having the faith to tell a mountain to pick up and move... About those mountains..."

The Practice Journey

Back at drawing after many months away from it! Working out is helping sooo much with my motivation and general health. Death by a thousand cuts applies to my motivation. Too many little things all built a milestone around my neck that made it soo much harder to get up and get moving.

Now without the milestone I still have to get up and get moving, but it's much easier this way!