Perfect People Are Useless To Anyone But Themselves

Perfect People Are Useless To Anyone But Themselves

Did I get your attention with the title? Perfect people are useless?

Consider this. If you see a person walking around with a "perfect" life or they are a "perfect" person who has no problems and makes no mistakes... Who is benefiting from their "perfection"?

That person walks around showing off how wonderful their life is. But really. Let's think about that. Can anyone actually pull off a perfect life? Can anyone actually do relationships and work and family and everything else perfectly? Logically the answer is a hard no. And as a Christian we all know that the only person that is perfect is Jesus. So the reality is that person is being fake at best... a massive deceiver and liar at worst... Really. Think about it...

Or perhaps they don't have a perfect life. But they talk as though they don't make mistakes, they don't struggle with anything, they've got it all under control. They are probably good at manipulating peoples opinions of them. I certainly have met a boat ton of people who are skilled at that. They know the perfect way to phrase things, and limit the amount of information you have. Then they combine it with the fact that you don't really think that often about them, and they don't give you any reason to question them. It's a simple recipe for manipulation and gaslighting really.

Now broken people, they are a different story!

Broken people are powerful world changers!

You see when you admit you struggle, when you admit you've messed up. When you talk about how you turned your life around from those mistakes, sins, tragedies... that is where your life becomes powerful. That is where your life impacts others and spreads hope, healing, forgiveness, and love.

Stop and think. Do you enjoy talking to someone who admits their mistakes? or someone who talks as though they don't make mistakes?

Do you enjoy connecting with someone who relates to your struggles because they too struggle with it? Or do you connect with someone who says they have sympathy for you but cannot understand your struggle?

Do you learn more from the person who does everything "perfect"? Or do you learn more from the battle hardened neighbor who has the scars of hurt and mistakes and fought out of the darkness to stand before you today?

Things to think about for sure!

Perfect people are useless to anyone but themselves, but broken people are powerful world changers!


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