Overcoming Self Motivation Struggles

Overcoming Self Motivation Struggles

I have struggled through most of my life with self motivation. Why that is... is a long story. But here we are. Some people are blessed in that it comes natural or easily to them. While others like me have to work long and hard to develop this skill.

It's really no different than any other skill or talent. Some people are born better at soccer, or the violin, or public speaking, or comedy. We're all different. Some people suck at things, and others are rock stars. That's actually a good thing, contrary to what the crazy talking head type people say in the media and education system! It's actually good that some people suck, and it's good that some people are amazing at things. That's what makes the world diverse, interesting, and creative!

For those of us who suck at self motivation there is an easy way to overcome that deficiency though! It's strangely simple. You just have to tell yourself every day, multiple times a day, that you are the type of person you want to be. Literally say it everyday. Even if you aren't there yet. Even if you aren't that person yet. Tell yourself that you are.

  • If you want to be more athletic, tell yourself you're an athlete.
  • If you want to be a musician, tell yourself you are a musician.
  • If you want to be better at budgeting, tell yourself you're a person who budgets.
Tell yourself who you are.

The strange thing is when you do this daily for weeks. You will change. And you'll start having the motivation to do what you want to do.

You see some people innately believe they can do something. Or their desire to do it is enough to discipline themselves to achieve it. Others like me need to go down a notch and work on an underlying root. That is convincing yourself that you are that kind of person. Not that you can be that kind of person. But that you are that kind of person!

Give it a try. Every day, multiple times a day.

Tell yourself who you are.


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