One Year Later

Sad to say that it was a year ago...

That I launched the previous website version. It lasted for a few months and then life happened. So let's try this again!

Lot has happened over the last number of months. Learned a lot of tough lessons, some good... some bad lessons.

One particular lesson is that I can't achieve anything if I don't put in the hours. If I don't do the work. I want to have a voice out there. I want to draw and impact the world. But if I never speak, if I never draw, then I won't achieve those things.

I sit and listen and watch people who are "doing it" and it's the same message every time. Long hours, blood sweat and tears, wins and loses, setbacks and achievements. I hear it over and over and it all boils down to a simple truth. There are people that get off their butts and DO, and there are people who DON'T. Many if not most people have dreams but most will not actually put in the effort to actually do it. The people we all look up to, listen to, strive to be like are the rare ones that actually do instead of just dreaming.

Well I am tired of dreaming. Tired of standing in my own way. There is no shortcut. There is no easy road. There is no waiting until everything is just right or ready or anything. You have to do the doing. There is no way around that. Either decide to do, or decide to just do the rest of your life.

It's all talk right now though. But another year from now will tell my tale. Will I be posting another "One year later... but..."? Or will I have a trail of doing behind me to stand upon? Time will tell the tale!

The Practice Journey

Continuing on! Because you can't accomplish anything if you don't do anything.


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