One Of The Scariest Prayers

One Of The Scariest Prayers

If you're chilling with Jesus you probably pray at least once an a while. I'd recommend multiple times a day, but everyone is in different seasons of life. I know there are seasons where I pray all the time, multiple times a day. And there are other seasons in my life where I struggle to pray once a day... once a week. I just get so busy the days fly by sometimes.

So what do you pray for?

Have you ever prayed for better health?
Have you ever prayed for a better job or more money?
Have you ever prayed for someone else to choose to hang with Jesus?

Pretty standard stuff for sure

How about...
Have you ever prayed for breakthrough?
Have you ever prayed for healing in a broken relationship?
Have you ever prayed for healing from an addiction?

Getting into tough territory. Surrender territory for sure with those.

How about...
Have you ever told God you were bored and that he needed to do something?

Now I am gonna pause there for a second. I really don't recommend that prayer. Because you're life will experience change if you pray that prayer. 100% Guaranteed things will go whacky in your life if you honestly, not commandingly, pray that prayer. Everyone I know that has prayed that prayer has had significant life events or changes hit within months. It's not always a comfortable change either!

But what if there was something beyond that...?

Beyond telling God you're bored and telling him that he needed to do something? You say. What could be beyond that!?

The place beyond the bored prayer is the fiery desperation of sick and tired of sick and tired. It's the cry for help mixed with anger, frustration, deep love and concern. It's the prayer that will tear your entire world asunder.

What's the prayer you might ask?

Lord, I need this to change. I don't know how else to get there. But I need change, and I need it now. So Lord do whatever it is you have to do. I need the change now, I need it fast, I need it immediately. I don't care how much it hurts, I don't care how hard it is to get through. I trust you won't give me more than I can bare. So hit me with it Lord. Hit me with it hard, and fast. Do what you need to do. Hit me, I can take it.

Now if you pray that from a place of arrogance, or tempting the Lord. Not much will come of it. And you'll just find yourself more arrogant, or more disconnected from the Lord by praying that. However if you are in that place of desperation, brokenness, brokenhearted crying out for help. Well... I still don't recommend this prayer honestly. Because the Lord will tear you asunder in a loving and powerful way that brings immeasurable healing and life change. But the road there will be agonizing, fast paced, and push you to the edge of everything inside you.

Is it worth it? Oh hellllls yes it's worth it. But holy ____ it hurts when you're in the change process! You won't be the same person on the other side of that prayer being answered though. I assure you. You will not be the same person ever again. Thankfully you will be a stronger, healthier, better person though! But never again will you be that person who spoke the prayer to begin with.

God makes old things new. Even you.


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