With all the pandemic crazy flying around. What if we all took a step back and said

Let's not go back to the way it was!

Maybe we don't need every grocery store to be open 24/7
Maybe we don't need Starbucks open till 10:00pm, hang out with friends at home!
Maybe we don't need retail stores open till 9:00pm, stop on your way home instead of going back out after dinner!
Maybe we don't need everything open at 8:00am, we can shop on weekends!
Maybe we don't need to all drive into the office, we can reduce traffic!
Maybe stores can reduce their hours, so the hours they are open are more profitable. Same income, less overhead means everyone wins a better life!
Maybe we don't all need to go to college, work and get paid for your job experience instead of paying for it!
Maybe we don't need every kid in public schools, the whole country homeschooled the end of 2020 school year. Homeschooling works and is easier than we realize!
Maybe politicians are the greedy power hungry monsters that use and abuse he working people... that we got tricked into labeling business owners as...
Maybe we don't need as much entertainment, we just need our families together and spending time with us!
Maybe we don't have to live in the big city, to have the big city job and pay. We can work from any home, in any city, any state!

Come to think of it...

Do we really want to go back to the way it was?

Let's not, shall we?