As the years roll by, it only gets more so...

Doesn't matter how many years or decades I live on this Earth. Life is complicated. And the older I get the more I realize just how complicated it is. Wisdom and understanding that come from having more years of life does not make everything more clear. It just makes me realize how small I am, and how small my understanding of the world... the universe truly is.

Starting to start to comprehend:

For every right, there are more questions
For every wrong, there are more tears
For every good intention, there are complications

To a great many people the Bible is cut and dry. Yet to others the Bible is ambiguous. To me as the years race by I have come to understand that neither of those outlooks are helpful or truth. Now don't get me wrong. Right is right and wrong is wrong. There is only one truth. The problem is our eyes are so laser focused on what we see, what we think, what we hear that we cannot see the complicated additional details.

Those complicated details don't change right to wrong or wrong to right. But they change how we look at situations. Because all those details are people, people of value, people with thoughts and feelings. People that are not you, don't think like you and don't feel the same way you do about things.

And that's ok. Because people are far more important, far more valuable, far more worth our time then "right and wrong". Some would say try to find peace with the world. Others would say be neutral in all things. To those I would say "That is a really selfish and hateful way to live your life. Because your attempts to be at peace with the world means you will have to turn your back on so many hurting people, in order to be neutral."

Be hot, or be cold. But don't be luke warm. People need you.