Let's Use Our Thinking Caps

Bob & Sally work at same company

They work in the same position. Last year their income was:

Bob made $50,131.12
Sally made $46,633.60

If you read this and immediately think "That's crap!" or "pay gap" or "woman's equality" you might be a sexist, or you might be being manipulated by the media.

You see both Bob and Sally get paid exactly the same. The exact same $22.42 per hour wage. Yet their annual income is not the same. Why is that?

It's because Bob worked a couple extra hours per week for some extra cash. Where as Sally chose not to work extra hours. You see the media and the activists want to prey on people being too busy to stop and think for a second. So they throw things at us that look bad if you don't bother to ask a single rational question about it after seeing it.

For example everyday things like:

  • Worked overtime hours
  • Worked less regular hours
  • Traveled for work, paid for expenses themselves and got reimbursement money on top of their regular pay.
  • Took time off for family

All affect to a persons annual income without changing the fact that they are paid the same wage as others around them. Things that happen every single day in pretty much every single job occur, yet we're all ignoring reality and getting hysterical?

But what about the sexist comment above! You might say.

Well if you read all that and still shout "pay gap"! or such. Then you might be a sexist because you're implying women should be paid more money for less hours worked. Which is sexist and you're promoting anti-equality...

The details matter. And every time we the people ignore the details and blindly follow the pied piper main stream media's headlines we're being brainwashed...


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