What in the world does that even mean, right?!

Well it's been a journey, like all things really... Sure this blog, my drawings and my Twitter have been mostly devoid of personal stuff. That is largely due to me going through a season myself. A season of learning and growing. Not one I planned on, and certainly one I had hoped would take a fraction of the time that this one is taking. But alas here I am. Hopefully nearing the end of it at least.

The season I am in you ask? It's the season between Don't and Didn't. Up until recently it was truth for me to say "I don't do what The Lord has called me to do.". And I am heading towards that place where I can say truthfully "I didn't do what The Lord was calling me to do.".

The difference is subtle. It's the difference between Don't and Didn't.

But most people would say there's no meat in between those slices of bread, "don't" and "didn't". But I have learned in this season that I am in that there is indeed a space between those words. And more often then not that space is a journey.

Sure for some people that could be an hour, a week, or perhaps even a moment in time. But for me it's been an entire season, and a long one at that. But it's been worth it.

So take heart if you look yourself in the mirror and see a person who hasn't yet turned that struggle from "I don't do what I am supposed to." to "I didn't do what I was supposed to do.". Because there is breath in-between those two places for many of us. It's a journey, just keep moving forward!

Or in the words of Winston Churchill,

"If you're going through hell, keep going."