I Am An Abraham, That Is A Good Thing!

I Am An Abraham, That Is A Good Thing!

The story of Abraham is one where God tells you to do something, but has no intention for you to follow through. He told Abraham to kill his son. But it was the journey to that moment that was the purpose. It was not the directive to complete.

God had no intention for Abraham to follow through with it.

I can relate to this story today as I have been unpacking a very long journey of my own. You see God allowed and even nudged me to hang onto a long since dead relationship for a very long time. But why?

Well in the story of Abraham it was the journey of faith that mattered. Abraham's faith grew as he and his son made the journey to the sacrifice location. But God had no intention of having Abraham follow through with his directions. In fact God had already prepared everything in advance so that not only would Abraham not sin, and not have to complete the task. But also there was provision for Abraham to honor God as well.

So switching gears to my own story. If I had not been stuck on that dead relationship that had no future I would not have made the decision I made for the past 14 years. I would have made entirely different decisions. I would not have the best friend I have now, I would not have relocated to Nashville, I would not be enjoying life to it's fullest if I had walked a different road.

God had no intention for me to follow through with it.

One of the realizations I arrived at was if I had not walked this journey I probably would have settled into a life that was good but not overflowing with mind boggling great like I have now! And I assure you my faith would only be 1/1000000000th of what it is now had I not made that journey, and those mistakes.

Sometimes God calls us to go somewhere and do something, but has no intention of us finishing the task. Often times it's what happens along the way that matters or sometimes right before the final moment. That is the story of Abraham after all.

I find that God is more interested in the journey of growth along the way than he is on the destination.

God is the same then as He is now.


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