How Will People Remember Your Choices?

How Will People Remember Your Choices?

Watched the movie "John Wick 3" last night and there was an interesting dialogue point.

"The real question is, who do you wish to die as? The Baba Yaga? The last thing many men ever see?
Or as a man who loved and was loved by his wife? Who do you wish to die as, Jonathan?" - Winston

Bringing that dialogue into reality would look something like:

What kind of man/woman will you be remembered as? What kind of man/woman will people, your children, look back and remember you as?

This impacted me deeply. How I live my life today, not yesterday, is how my children will always remember me.

Will my child remember me as passive or passionate?

Will my friends remember me as a person who lay down and accepted life or as someone who settled for nothing and loved deeply?

Will my family remember me as a fighter or a coward when life got messy?

Will the people who met me remember me as a good father or a person who refused to fight for his children even if it was scary?

I choose passion

I choose loving deeply

I choose to be a fighter

I choose to be a good parent

I choose to always get back up when I am knocked down.


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