Holding Onto Something God Doesn't Want For You?

Holding Onto Something God Doesn't Want For You?

Have you ever held onto something God wanted you to let go of? Hint: If you say no, you're in worse shape than you realize. LOL.

Ok so yeah, we've all done that. It's literally not possible to make it through even 10 years of human life without doing it. So if you're still arguing that you haven't. Well... good luck with that! ;) The denial is strong with this one!

Meanwhile for the less delusional population of humans...

I'm not going to give you some deep philosophical thing here. Nor am I going to mention some deep spiritual epiphany.

Instead I am going to give you looney tunes.

Remember Wile Coyote and the Roadrunner? Remember the scenes where Wile is tied to a boulder and tries to run away but the boulder won't move?

There ya go. Nuff said.


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