Good Advise And Bad Timing

Good Advise And Bad Timing

Back on 19-Aug-2021 I wrote a post, Is God Bound By Us Doing Things In The Right Order?, that had a phrase that has stuck with me for a bit.

Good advice is always good advice. But bad timing is always bad timing.

I am finding this phrase is more important more powerful that I had realized when I wrote it the first time.

You see we often get stuck on the "this is good advice!" part and completely ignore the timing factor. Because bad timing, is always bad timing.

And sadly we all know this. We all know there have been times when someone said something to us at a bad time and it hurt, made us doubt, made us afraid or just straight up confused us in a really unhealthy way.

Or we also know the times we have said something to someone and immediately realized "Oh sh__ I shouldn't have said that..."

So I started asking myself a simple question:

How do I use good advice, at only good times?

Honestly there is no quick fix on this, like most things as a human. Haha. But I will say what I am focusing on. I am focusing on asking myself:

When would be a good time to say this?

That alone is dramatically shifting my timing and my patience! It's been pretty powerful to be honest. When I realize there is something I want to share with someone else I follow up my idea with a question to myself:

When would be a good time to say this?

And so far I have slowed down, I have been able to see better times to speak. And in some cases chosen not to speak at all because there was no good time. It's a pretty amazing concept. Give it a try sometime! :)


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