God's Creative Answers To Prayer

God's Creative Answers To Prayer

So I was driving into the office this morning and praying. Asking the Lord for direction. I even got a little snarky with him in my prayer time for said direction. It was a good chat and I didn't feel any kind of response, answer or revelation.

I continued into the office and settled into my morning. It was then that my phone notification went off. It wasn't the Bible app, it wasn't someone texting me, and it wasn't a new Dr. Phil video being posted. haha. It was my photos app saying "Look back at Oct 20, 2018" with a picture from that morning showing.

Prayer answered.

The picture was one of the happiest seasons of my life. Amazing memories. Amazing times with the most important people in my life.

It was a creative answer to my prayer. While it didn't give me a direction of "go left" or "say that" or "do this" it did remind me of what was important and what God said was important for me to focus on. Which gives me that boost of confidence in what I should be praying for, fighting for, and how to make choices today and tomorrow.


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