God Plays Chess Backwards

A number of years ago this phrase hit me.

God Plays Chess Backwards

It sounds kinda silly right? But it's really interesting once you stop and think about it. The Lord is not part of time. He knows the future, as well as the past. It's impossible for our human brains to really understand something living outside of time itself. But we know God does things that would be impossible without His knowledge of past, present, and future combined together. And this is where the saying comes in. Chess is a game that very clearly depicts how one thing leads to another until the game is done.

The thing about creation is that The Lord has already finished it. He already knows what time, on what day, in what year His son returns. From there he plays chess backwards. He works all things going backwards from that pinnacle moment to the beginning of this creation, so that everything is as it should be.

How often do we see His Glory in our everyday lives? When things work out just perfectly, inexplicitly... Or my personal non favorite, "coincidentally". I'll do a separate post on coincidence... But how often do we see his ability to order the entire universe of molecules to achieve impossible things, impossibly timed things every single day? The only way He could do that and also drive the universe to his intended goal, Jesus's glorification, is if he ordered things backwards perfectly from the end back to the beginning.

God Plays Chess Backwards

Ordering things from the end, back to the beginning so that His love for us is shown. So that He is glorified. And so that nothing changes the end of this chapter on Earth. Take some time to stop and think about it. And then walk around every day in wonder at how The Lord can order the universe to bless you, reveal to you, answer peoples prayers. And on top of all that also end at the end He wants for His Son, Jesus.

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