Freedom and Independence

It's easy to succumb to the shouting heads, despite they're only a fraction of a fraction of the population of our great country...

It's July 3rd, soon to be independence day.

Sitting at my local festivities before some fireworks and pondering the digital landscape of America today. Between the social networks and the corrupt mainstream media it's either chicken little screaming that the sky is falling (over and over and over again...) or sane people scrambling to stop the "offended" bullies from becoming neo brown shirts.

They shout and get all the attention. So it's only natural to think they represent the majority of Americans. But when you stop and think about it you quickly realize no matter where you are, you're surrounded by sane people who don't curl up into a whimpering ball when they are offended. Nor do they run around attacking anyone who says something they don't like.

Today I remember that Americans are great. We've shed our racism and bigotry. No one cares who you are or what you do in your own home. What people in America actually care about is are you a decent person? Are you a good worker? Or are you an entitled jerk who expects the working class to hand you life on a silver platter? Are you so weak that you're unable to function as an adult as soon as someone says something you don't agree with?

Let's all disregard the social media and mainstream media this year on independence day. Let's all celebrate this amazing country that was founded on not bowing to dictators or socialism. This country that has brought unparalleled freedom, prosperity, opportunity and peace to the entire world 100 times over.

Don't listen to the shouting chicken littles. Hug a neighbor. Shake a hand. Let's all be thankful for what we have. And what we continue to build!


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