Stopped by... Stopping? It's a thing, really.

Processing the fact I've been focusing so much on what's stopping me that I didn't realize it had stopped me...

Sound weird? It is. But it's not at the same time. Sometimes we hit a speed bump in life and instead of slowly rolling over it we stop and stare at it... For days... or months... or years...

It's ridiculous that I hit a motivation speed bump and then promptly sat and pondered the existence of the slow down. Instead of just accepting that it was there and it happened, and then rolling over and past it.

It's not the first and honestly I'd wager every human does it a few times in life. No one's immune to getting distracted. Sadly mine has been for weeks. Weeks lost of practice.

But at the same time I am learning this lesson and I hope learning it will help me avoid it again in the future.

So here's to expensive lessons learned. Then again most of my lessons have been expensive 😣