Finding Your Style, Your Lane

Funny how God works sometimes.

It's Monday and here I am sick with a fever Saturday night, which leaves me in no condition to walk around corporate America today. Having a fever is the one thing I won't just power through and still go to work with.

So I am home trying to rest and break this fever which has all my joints on fire and I have't slept much since Friday night. Suddenly I get the urge to start drawing, which is a blessing in and of itself. And as I start drawing a few things start to click in my head that I have been tossing around for awhile. And suddenly I feel it. My style. It's still unfinished and unrefined. It's not wholly represented in the drawing I did today but it's there and I can feel it.

This has been something that has held me back for months, a year even. I kept trying this or that. I liked this but not that. I was all over the place. But finally today I found it. And it's much related to my organizational journey. My style is not perfect nor is it the "best", but it's mine and it suits me.

Some of the things about my style.

  • Not every line needs to be drawn
  • The eyes will work the way I have been testing
  • The line width works for me, even if it might be considered thick by some artists
  • Simplified is the way that works for me. Fast and loose. That's how I think and feel, that's how I draw

So whatever you're looking for. Whether it's an artistic style, or a writing style, or a speaking style... or perhaps it's a purpose, a passion, a job that would be your "lane" in life. Whatever it is, follow what feels comfortable. Keep following the roads. One by one you will know not to turn here, but instead to turn there and slowly over time you'll find the path to settle into your lane. Don't give up, keep moving forward. Eventually you will find it!

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