Expecting a New Kind of Accountability

There is a growing trend in the social and network media.

People saying ridiculous drama queen statements and accusations for the sole purpose of creating a media firestorm of drama from the extreme ends of their political spectrum and their oppositions extreme end. And then once enough people call them out for it they remove it. Knowing full well that their removal changes nothing. The web is ablaze with the false information. Spreading like a California wild fire. Deceiving, manipulating and brain washing their "followers", their allies and even their enemies.

It's a game. A game being played with the common Americans. The working classes and poor many times. The masses starving for hope and change after decades of empty promises and very little changing.

These people get to look "good" by retracting it. Knowing full well their retraction means nothing and changes nothing. Because no one will see or pay attention to their quiet retraction or apology.

Both sides of a battle will spread the bad news. But only one side will spread the apology.

But what if...?

What if we demanded, we expected these public people to not only correct and / or delete their wrong messages. But actually make a corrected statement. Not an apology. But a corrected statement to their followers and to the world! And if they don't let them have the media backlash from refusing to admit the truth and expose them for their deceptions and mind games.


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