Epiphanies And Squirrels Should Be Equals

Epiphanies And Squirrels Should Be Equals

Most people would say they remember a time or at least hearing a story about how the right person was in the right place at the right time. But how often do you hear a story or relate a story about how amazing it was that something small happened? Something small was in the right place at the right time?

Now I'm not talking about how the pocket knife was right there as you were trapped in your car about to fall off the cliff. But you grabbed the pocket knife and cut the seat belt to gain freedom.

That's not the story I'm talking about. What I'm talking about is more like

  • You rearrange your shelves and get reminded by an old photo to call someone.
  • You clean out your closet and find your child's favorite shirt from years past.
  • You're about to put your bare hand on a hot stove burner, but trip and your hand grasps the counter instead.
  • You're about to be late for work and your shoe lace breaks. But you happen remember you have a similar pair on other shoes. And you don't have to run to the store, making you more late.
  • There's a processing error and you're late payment is processed on time.
  • You send an angry text to someone, but mysteriously they never actually receive it, ever...

Why don't we give glory to God in those moments. Why are we so thankful for the big things like epiphanies, but not so with the little things?

God plays chess backwards

You see God is not just the God of in your face miracles. He's also the God of the little squirrels in your life. The little happenings every day that save you, improve you, change you, help you.

Do you really think an all knowing all powerful Lord of the entire universe is just chilling most of the time? Only decides to use His absolute power on occasion?

That would be illogical don't you think? Nonsensical actually. And very much unloving to His children...

You see those little squirrels in your life actually change your life as well as the big things that happen. You don't think that avoiding the hot oven burner changed your life? It absolutely did, because you didn't go to the hospital. Instead you made dinner. Conversely God allowing you to burn you hand and go to the hospital could allow you an opportunity to share your testimony with someone at the hospital, or perhaps be a blessing to someone there. All of which would not have happened if the event prior hadn't happened.

God plays chess backwards

Give God the glory he deserves. He's in the mix of the little things of our lives every day. If we would only realize the universe is more complicated than our own simple struggling lives.


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