Do You Say "I'm Sorry" Often?

Do You Say "I'm Sorry" Often?

Here's one I have been working to overcome. The constant use of the phrase "I'm sorry".

I used to use it far too much. Even to the point of taking responsibility for things not my responsibility. I have been fairly successful at no longer doing that. However I still used the phrase way too often. Even when I fixed it up with "I'm sorry to hear that" or "I'm sorry that happened" and whatnot. I still use it too much. And that's when I realized something this week

If you say "I'm sorry" frequently, even in good ways... Then people get used to hearing that from you. And then what happens when you're really sorry about something? Like really sorry?

It's kinda like the boy who cried wolf scenario. If you say "I'm sorry" all the time then people don't take it as being emotionally genuine.

People will stop being able to tell when you're just being polite, and when you are genuinely sorry about something

And that can lead to a very tragic place. The place where the people who matter most to you no longer believe you...


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