Coincidence used to be such a "nothing special" word years ago

Especially when I thought I was in control. But after I hit rock bottom, after I hit my knees that word started to get my attention more and more. The word is fine, especially in the secular world. However that word is problematic for someone following Jesus.

It's just a word though right? What's the big deal? Right? Well it is a big deal actually.

Because it's stealing from God

You might be upset at hearing that? Or suddenly concerned or afraid? If you're still reading you might be asking "How so?". You see when you call something a coincidence you are saying "well that was crazy that those things that have nothing to do with each other happened together!". But... If you profess to love Christ how's that work? How do you accept that The Lord is creator and keeper of everything, even time itself... but those two things just randomly, without anyone planning or acting, happened at the same time? You are quite literally speaking contrary to your faith, contrary to the Word. And worst of all you are stealing the Glory of that perfect merger of events from He who planned and executed it, The Lord.

He did all that so you would see His wonders. So you would tell others of His glories. But instead you chalk it up to chaos, to randomness, to luck. You just stole God's glory and tossed it into the wind... Something to think about when you feel the word "coincidence" leave your lips... If it's just a "coincidence" then there is no perfect all powerful God at the helm of the universe...

The Practice Journey

Finally getting over myself and allowing myself to create more drafting, sketching, pencil layers when I draw. Up until now I have tried to do final lines after only one or two sketch layers. Let me tell you that doesn't help at all. Draft!... seriously draft like a maniac. It helps a lot and it actually boosts your confidence and motivation when you do.

None of the below stuff is any good. But I am not trying to be any good with them. Just trying to get aspect ratios, lines, positions, spacing and basic elements together. I am seeing what works, what doesn't. What feels right and what doesn't. And honestly final lines will be soooo much easier with this level of drafting to base it off.

Things I am Toiling Over:

  • Do I keep the characters in the same exact clothing? Like Calvin & Hobbes, The Simpsons, etc.
  • Do I add color later or keep it black and white like I have been planning?
  • Do I have Sasha's (center) hair in a pony tail or down and flowing?
  • Can I freaking decide on a hair style for Grim (left)?
  • Ahhhh eyes... I love the eye style from the video game Darkest Dungeon. But is it too dark for my comic? Should I go with what I have been trying already? Should I try something completely different?

That being said I have figured out how to do these draft layers that makes me happy. The steps I am currently using are:

  1. Draw the layer
  2. When done reduce it's opacity to 50%
  3. Create new layer on top
  4. Draw on new layer
  5. When done with that layer merge it down to the previous layer
  6. Reduce this new combined layers opacity to 50%
  7. Repeat 4, 5, 6 until done drafting

As you do that the older drafts just keep getting lighter and lighter until they fade out of visibility. Continually building new and better drafts at the top while fading out the old drafts slowly in the back.


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