Changing The Way You Pray

Changing The Way You Pray

The better I get at praying...
The more peace and faith I have.

There is a direct relationship between how much and how your prayer life matures with your ability to handle stress and have peace in the stormy seasons of life. Have you tried this?

Instead of praying

  • God change this
  • God heal this
  • God save so-and-so

Try something else... Now you might ask why try something else? Because often times we pray out of need and reaction. Not action. We pray to avoid negatives instead of create positives.

What if you prayed

  • God instead of just saving my marriage, help me love my wife more regardless.
  • God instead of just healing my family, help me have more fun with my children.
  • God don't just heal my body, make it stronger than it was before so I can dance with my husband.
  • God give me a better job, that's serving the needy instead of just a normal job making money.

What would happen if you took your prayers from the reactive, take away the pain kind and turned them instead instead into a powerful life changing positive?

And here's the kicker. If you make this change...

Jesus can take you to a new place of peace you might never have experienced before!

But I admit. Praying is scary. Because we get anxious and afraid that God will not answer our prayers, he will not grant us the healing or desires of our heart. And the fear of that letdown can be terrifying. Absolutely terrifying.

But I ask you this. Is the fear of a "no" worth the cost of never asking for a "yes"?


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