Media censorship is the highest and the most dangerous point in modern history. This road of media censorship we are currently being taken on is the road to hell for everyone on planet Earth, not just Americans. Because if we Americans tolerate it here on our news and social media platforms, it will spread to the rest of the world. Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube are all American companies but operate across the entire globe.

To be clear if you are a media company and you censor content on your platform that is based on peoples actions. That can be in the best interests of public health for sure. Censoring murder, pedophilia, etc. is a good thing. That is censoring peoples actions. Actions that any good and loving society would deem horrific, vile, and evil.

But that is not the concern here. That is not the only censorship that is being carried out today in 2020 and for the last number of years before this year. Today there is censorship of thought, censorship of science, censorship of facts and evidence and history. This is the road to hell that Facebook, Twitter and Google are gaslighting us into walking ourselves down.

Facebook, Twitter and Google are gaslighting us all.

And the kicker. No one has stopped and noticed. Facebook, Twitter and Google think they are the superior race now. Facebook, Twitter and Google think they know better than the working man, better than the Blacks, Latinos and other minority groups. They think they are better than the religious groups, better than the scientists and doctors.

Facebook, Twitter and Google are choosing what facts and evidence the scientists and doctors can promote and which ones should be censored. No one has stopped to think "why are software programming companies acting like dictators over scientists and doctors? Computer programmers don't know more about science and medicine that scientists and doctors! Who do they think they are? The mythological gods of all science disciplines or something?"

Facebook, Twitter and Google are choosing for us what politics are good and which are bad. Gone are the days when parties agreed to disagree. Now only Democrat politics are allowed, liberals be damned or get with the program. Liberals must bow and surrender their brains and individual thoughts and be assimilated into the sphere or you will be cast into the fire with everyone else not of the leftist master race.

Facebook, Twitter and Google are choosing what Blacks and Latinos are allowed to see, and hear, and read. Censoring anything they have chosen inappropriate for minorities to read. As though minorities are unable to think for themselves and need to be told by their tech slave masters and news media task masters what to think, what to believe, and how to vote...

Remember... The politicians are just greedy people trying to get rich off the brainwashing of their neighbors.

Big tech has a superiority complex. They think they are better and smarter than the rest of us... If you know your history then you know these things sound a lot like history repeating itself... back into tryanny, back into dictatorships, back into the darkness...